Who is MJM Tropical Networks ? Our global team is focused on the expansion of afro-caribbean music.
We are dedicated to our international audience and
key advertisers through three product lines :

Multimedia  |  Jukebox  |  Marketing
A unique world audience ? Our multimedia products reach a very large audience and provide targeted advertising opportunities for professionals.

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Zoukstation.com v5.0 : Online radio tuner connecting fans of african and caribbean music
all around the globe with over 65,000 members.

What’s next : Our internet team is working on the release of new platforms to showcase the latest music and artwork of Africa, the Caribbean and key latin countries.

26.01.08 : Midem 2008, France

This 5-day conference invites world music professionals for multimedia tradeshows, networking, news and live music !

07.04.08 : MipTV 2008, France

This conference covers the world’s audiovisual and digital content market. Our company will introduce the development of diaspora-oriented TV programming in North America.

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